QNB2535 - Head of Retail Banking

Business Unit: QNB - Kuwait
Division: International Banking
Department: International Banking
Country: Kuwait
Closing Date: 31-Dec-2023
About QNB

Established in 1964 as the country’s first Qatari-owned commercial bank, QNB Group has steadily grown to become the largest bank in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region.

QNB Group’s presence through its subsidiaries and associate companies extends to more than 31 countries across three continents providing a comprehensive range of advanced products and services. The total number of employees is more than 28,000 serving up to 20 million customers operating through 1,000 locations, with an ATM network of 4,300 machines.

QNB has maintained its position as one of the highest rated regional banks from leading credit rating agencies including Standard & Poor’s (A), Moody’s (Aa3) and Fitch (A+). The Bank has also been the recipient of many awards from leading international specialised financial publications.

Based on the Group’s consistent strong financial performance and its expanding international presence, QNB currently ranks as the most valuable bank brand in the Middle East and Africa, according to Brand Finance Magazine.

QNB Group has an active community support program and sponsors various social, educational and sporting events.

Job Summary:

The incumbent will be responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of business plans for QNB Country’s branches. The incumbent will also be responsible for overseeing the implementation of the agreed strategic agenda and determining the resources, channels, products, and market segments and the tactical direction required to maximize targets.


Demonstrate clear understanding of the important factors behind the bank's financial & non-financial performance.

Display a good understanding of the major economies / relevant geographies in which the Country operates and of those economies that could have an impact on the Country’s business; includes an appreciation of the range of potential outcomes for the Country.

Take leading role in understanding of external & internal environment (economic, political, social, competitive and regulatory factors) and ensure that the same is captured in business planning process.

Continuously encourage managers to be sensitive to the market dynamics and engage them in a fruitful dialogue to be able to respond to the market changes speedily.

Observes and promotes cost consciousness and efficiency, and enhance productivity, to minimize costs, avoid wastes, and optimize benefits for the bank.

Act within the limits of the powers delegated to the incumbent and delegate authority to the respective  heads and monitor exercise of the same

Create necessary frameworks and systems to enable teams and individuals to deliver on the commitments made.

Create conducive environment and frameworks to act swiftly through effective delegation and empowerment

Endeavour for superior performance & take personal accountability to meet deadlines in rapidly changing, ambiguous environment & unfavourable conditions.

Assist the GM in the development and implementation of QNB Country’s Retail Branches strategy.

Ensure that the branches’ business plans are within budgets and timescales.

Ensure ongoing increase in market share and sustainable growth rate on the QNB Country’s branches portfolio.

Oversee and lead the annual budgeting process for all QNB Country’s branches.

Oversee the performance of all QNB Country’s Domestic retail branches against the set objectives to ensure achievement of profit targets for QNB Country’s retail portfolio.

Coordinate with the GM to develop the department’s strategy and plans to set the volume, revenue, and profit targets for all QNB Country retail branches with the network.

Provide the AGM Group Manned Channels with informative reports on the performing and non performing products within the network.

Keep the GM informed of branches’ financial returns and ensure implementation of suggested changes (if any).

Ensure that all QNB Country Retail branches focus on client-driven service and improving efficiency.

Drive the profitability of QNB Country’s Retail Branches through completing sales, service management, implementation of business strategies, and business development.

Ensure that domestic branches comply with QNB Country’s policies and procedures and recommend the necessary modifications/changes to guarantee compliance.

Work with managers to position QNB Country Retail branches as an effective retail sale and service outlet by providing superior customer focused services, increasing the customer base, and meeting the branch asset and liability targets.

Work with the managers to enhance the positioning of certain branches within the network through reviewing performance indicators in the branches.

Cater to the financial needs of individual customers through QNB Country’s network of Retail branches and customer service centres, while ensuring that product offerings are continually aligned with the needs and expectations of the respective customer segments.

Maintain key relationships with external business partners e.g. VISA, Master Card, and insurance companies to be invested upon any problem or escalation.

Ensure that the GM is informed of significant branches-related issues that may jeopardize the achievement of branches’ goals.

Oversee the sales volume targets of all QNB Country branches, measurement of customer attrition, and ensure implementation of customer retention strategies to enhance customer loyalty.

Coordinate with the Branch Managers regarding all levels of manpower requirements in the branches to address issues be it a surplus or shortage of manpower.

Take decisive action to ensure speedy resolution of staff unresolved grievances or conflicts within the team.

To assist customers in all their queries on the Divisions products/tasks and seek solution to their requests

Maintain activities in accordance with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with internal departments/ units to achieve improvements in turn-around time.

Build and maintain strong and effective relationship with all other related departments and units to achieve the Group’s goals/objectives.

Provide timely and accurate information to the external and internal Auditors, Compliance, Financial Control and Risk Functions as and when required.

Set examples by leading improvement initiatives through cross functional teams ensuring successes.

Identify and encourage people to adopt practices better than the industry standard.

Appreciate importance of thinking out-of-the-box and continuously encourages employees and managers to practice the same.

Encourage, solicit and reward innovative ideas even in day-to-day issues.

Identify related areas for professional development of self and others and ensure that staff is provided with adequate training.

Ability to communicate across multiple levels in the organization through written correspondence.

Proactively share logic to develop appreciation of an idea.

Keep people informed and up-to-date; show a preference for transparency in everyday business dealings.

Take decision with limited information and ambiguous situations.

Take unpopular and tough decisions in the interest of the organization.

Provide assistance or coaching as needed and express confidence in the individual.

Clearly articulate resource requirements and obtain management approvals for the same to ensure successful change while balancing the resources in most optimum manner.

Understand the changing dynamics of situations accurately and respond in a manner that helps the organization in adapting to the new situation effectively.

Takes responsibility for self-development as well as acquiring skills and knowledge required to fulfilment of one's duties by proactively identifying areas for professional development of self and undertake development activities

Seek out opportunities to remain current with all developments in professional field

Hold meetings with staff and assess their performance as well as the function’s overall performance on a regular basis

Comply with all applicable legal, regulatory and internal compliance requirements including, but not limited to, the QNB Country Compliance manual; Group Compliance Policies and Procedures (Anti Money Laundering & Counter Terrorist Financing, Sanctions Policy, Data Protection Policy, Fraud Control Policy, Whistle Blowing Policy, Conflict of Interest and Insider Dealing Policy).

in accordance with the Branch Governance manual, contribute to and comply with the Branch’s Risk Framework, consider Risk Appetite and promote a positive Risk Culture:

Understand and effectively perform your role under the Three Lines of Defence principle to identify, measure, monitor, manage and report risks.

Ensure systematic good outcomes for clients in accordance with Conduct Risk policy.

Support the framework of RCSA, KRI, Incident reporting and remediation, as appropriate, in accordance with the Operational Risk Management requirements.

Maintain appropriate knowledge to ensure to be fully qualified to undertake the role. Complete all mandatory training provided by the Bank and attain and maintain the required levels of competence.

Attend mandatory (internal and external) seminars as instructed by the Bank.


Note: you will be required to attach the following:
1. Resume / CV