Vacancy Title
Job Function

QNB2321-Branch Manager International Banking QNB - Lebanon//Beirut

QNB2317-Financial Analyst Finance QNB - Lebanon//Beirut

QNB2318-Archive Supervisor Facilities Management QNB - Qatar//Doha

QNB2319-Admin Documentation Officer Administration & Support QNB - Qatar//Doha

QNB2320-Store Officer Facilities Management QNB - Qatar//Doha

QNB2315-Senior Research Analyst Brokerage, Trading & Research QNB - Qatar//Doha

QNB2316-Senior Officer Asset Management - Administration Operations QNB - Qatar//Doha

QNB2314-Senior Events Officer ( Qatari National Only ) Communications, Marketing, Advertising & PR QNB - Qatar//Doha

QNB2313-Senior Business Analyst (Qatari National Only ) Information Technology QNB - Qatar//Doha

QNB2304-Head of Financial Istitutions and Correspondent Banking Relations Treasury QNB - Qatar//Doha

QNB2310-Senior Dealer International Treasury Treasury QNB - Qatar//Doha

QNB2311-Private Banker Asset & Wealth Management QNB - Qatar//Doha

QNB2308-Retail Assets Product Manager Retail Banking QNB - Qatar//Doha

QNB2306-Head Teller Asset & Wealth Management QNB - Qatar//Doha

QNB2279-Senior Officer Accounting & Settlement - Cards & Merchants Operations Operations QNB - Qatar//Doha

QNB2305-Settlement Supervisor - Trade Finance Operations QNB - Qatar//Doha

QNB2303-Investment Strategist Project Management QNB - Qatar//Doha

QNB2298-Head of Risk Risk Management QNB - Sudan//Khartoum

QNB2300-Credit Risk Manager Risk Management QNB - Sudan//Khartoum

QNB2301-Senior Analyst Financial Budgeting and Business Planning Finance QNB - Qatar//Doha