Vacancy Title
Job Function

QNB2075-Officer Trade Finance Operations Operations QNB - France//Paris

QNB2074-Senior Officer Operation Support Center Operations QNB - Qatar//Doha

QNB1805-Specialist - Compliance Advisory & Governance Audit & Compliance QNB - Qatar//Doha

QNB2071-Senior Officer Cash Management Products Corporate Banking QNB - Qatar//Doha

QNB2072-Advertising Agencies Analyst Communications, Marketing, Advertising & PR QNB - Qatar//Doha

QNB2067-Specialist Financial Strategy Finance QNB - Qatar//Doha

QNB2068-Specialist Regulatory Reporting (Qatari) Finance QNB - Qatar//Doha

QNB2069-Head of Retail Banking Retail Banking QNB - Tunisia//Tunis

QNB2070-Manager – Operations, Control & Reconciliation Operations QNB - Switzerland//Genève

QNB2066-AML / CFT Compliance Specialist Audit & Compliance QNB - Qatar//Doha

QNB2065-Head of Centralised Operations Operations QNB - Sudan//Khartoum

QNB1919-Senior Relationship Manager - International Corporate Banking QNB - Qatar//Doha

QNB2064-Specialist Financial Risk Management Finance QNB - Qatar//Doha

QNB2060-Senior Officer Treasury Operations Treasury QNB - France//Paris

QNB2061-Senior Security Engineering Officer Risk Management QNB - Qatar//Doha

QNB2016-Specialist Group Financial Consolidation Finance QNB - Qatar//Doha

QNB1745-Senior Financial Analyst (Qatari National) Finance QNB - Qatar//Doha

QNB2058-Equity Funds Manager Asset & Wealth Management QNB - Qatar//Doha

QNB2034-Secretary Operations QNB - Qatar//Doha

QNB2024-Associate - QNB Capital Corporate Banking QNB - Qatar//Doha